Of the most popular treatments to heal warts today are the freeze-based treatments. Freezing warts can be done with non-prescription medications or at the doctor’s office. The non-prescription treatments are available as spray with some kind of aerosol gas. The spray is applied on the wart and freezes the wart tissue to –57 degrees. The cold kills the wart’s tissue. Straight after application the dead tissue can be scraped off.

Liquid nitrogen in the doctor’s office
Treatment by freezing done by a doctor is referred to as cryotherapi or cryosurgery. This method of treatment is based on the same principle – to kill the wart’s tissue – as non-prescription treatments, but is often done by using liquid nitrogen to freeze the tissue being treated. Liquid nitrogen cools the tissue’s temperature to far below –57 degrees and kills more tissue. Cryosurgery is thereby more potent and efficient, at the same time liquid nitrogen needs to be handled with extreme care. Non-prescription treatments for warts based on freeze agents may be perceived as a bit scary, but there is no reason to worry. They are safe, gentle and when done correctly will not cause damage or discomfort. It is very important to follow the user instructions to ensure a safe and optimal result.

Freeze agents are effective on warts
Freeze treatments can be compared to wart treatments with salicylic acid as active agent when it comes to efficiency, but it is a little bit more effective on more persistent warts. It should be used with slightly more caution than agents based on salicylic acid and is seen as a little bit more difficult to administer. Remedies based on freezing/the freeze method are effective on common warts (verruca or verucca vulgaris) as well as flat warts (verruca plana).

Have patience with warts
Warts are often very persistent and hard to get rid of. A wart treatment will often expedite the elimination of the wart. Sadly, the wart often grows back or starts growing again, so it is important not to lose your patience but stick to the treatment. A freezing agent is considered to be an effective wart treatment and should be applied to for example exceptionally persistent plantar warts. Even some wart structures on hands can grow big, which makes the freeze treatment a good option. One good path of treatment might be to vary with different wart treatment agents if you complete a non-satisfactory treatment course.