Genital warts (condyloma) is painless, but because of their location and appearance they are troublesome for the infected person. Genital warts may itch but this is mainly manageable to moderate.

Appearance and symptoms of venereal warts
•After becoming infected it can take months, sometimes years, before the first venereal warts appear. Usually one wart occurs at a time and starts growing, before others start appearing in the surrounding skin area.

•Size can vary from under 1 millimetre to covering several square centimetres when several warts get together to form what is known as a cluster.

•Men complain that the warts are itching, women of increased frequency of discharges.
•In rare cases the condyloma warts can cause a massive problem if they grow into the urethra’s opening.

•Genital warts in more than one area in the genital region is common, i.e. around the anus and on the labia.

•In men, venereal warts can affect the urethra, penis, testicles and anus. Warts on the shaft of the penis will often appear as a soft, sponge-like mass but can even take the shape of a pearl or button, as a regular wart. The surface of the wart may be soft and even or coarse and rough. The warts are often white in colour but can also be darker. Genital warts can often hide under the foreskin of men who are not circumcised.

•The genital warts in women have a similar appearance as in men. Often they appear in humid areas such as the vaginal opening, the inner labia and around the anus. In women it is important to examine the vagina for condyloma infections, as the warts can move inwards and cause bleedings, itching and discharge.